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Private Equity

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Integrate specialises in the development of efficient cooling/heating installations based on thermoelectric heat pumps (Peltier elements).

By minimising the ΔT difference between the setpoint temperature value and the heat emission, we can develop efficient, quiet and compact systems.

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Chili Publish

CHILI publish, an online editing solutions provider, has transformed from a three-man company into a key graphic arts market player over the past six years. CHILI publish features offices headquartered in Belgium (Aalst), US (New York) and Singapore, providing solutions to over 250 customers. They have identified online editing as the booming tech2marketing path for most print service providers. The company has turned to venture specialists Volta Ventures, Pamica and Group MC for future evolution guidance. They raised € 2.55 million following a Series A round for the further expansion of the international sales team, R&D efforts and marketing optimization.

CHILI publish focuses on the development and deployment of powerful online software for the graphic arts industry. CHILI publisher is an online editing solution that can be seamlessly integrated into third-party workflows and production platforms to provide a wide range of customizable, easy-to-use, browser-based, editing functions. CHILI rendro is a revolutionary PDF rendering solution that enables fast, accurate rendering of PDFs which can then be viewed on devices supporting the HTML5 canvas. CHILI publish software is sold both direct and through a wide network of international value-added channel partners.

I-Line PR & Communications

Een boodschap helder aan de man brengen. Dat is wat I-Line doet. U heeft de inhoud, wij halen hem eruit. Een mooi verhaal is geboren. We vertellen het aan de hand van een pakkende tekst of mooie beelden.

En wat daarna? Dan helpen wij u om het verhaal dat we samen geschreven hebben op de beste manier door te vertellen. Aan uw klanten, aan uw medewerkers, aan iedereen die het waard is om uw verhaal te horen.

De aanpak van I-Line is efficiënt en budgetvriendelijk. We maken gebruik van duidelijke en overtuigende communicatievormen. Allemaal in functie van uw sterk verhaal. En dat verhaal moet aanzetten tot handelen zodat uw bedrijf er baat bij heeft. Zo werken we aan de versteviging van uw brand en de geloofwaardigheid van uw imago.

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Sparkcentral is the leading digital customer engagement platform. Customer-obsessed companies use Sparkcentral to manage and resolve customer service interactions over modern communication channels in a simple, streamlined and fun way. With the fastest customer routing and prioritization technology in the business and innovative workflow optimization and reporting tools, Sparkcentral helps global brands like T-Mobile, Delta Air Lines, Uber, Nordstrom, JetBlue and Zappos deliver  effortless customer service experiences and drive brand loyalty. A recent CODiE Award winner for Best Customer Service Solution, Sparkcentral is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and has its EMEA headquarters in Hasselt, Belgium.

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